Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Helping Mom at Work

Ella LOVES going to work with me, and although it is rare, there have been times she has had to go to the plant with me at night. She gets really excited to go to "Tyson Chicken" where Mommy is a "chicken plucker" (we can thank Popi for that!!). Typically, I would be back up at work going though an issue with USDA, and she likes the USDA office because there is a window that looks out into the plant. She would befriend an inspector and have them hold her up so she could see the lines out the window! If we weren't in the USDA office, she would convince another manager to take her to the breakroom so that she could get stuff out of the vending machines!! (She is a little con-artist!) Thankfully everyone I worked with was really good sports and would help me entertain her while we figuered everything out. Here is a picture of her in my office trying to talk on the radio!! :-) Mommy's office always had lots of fun stuff, like an easy button, scissors, permanent markers, a dry erase board, and of couse, the radio!!

We're Expecting!!!

On March 16, 2012, we found out we would have a new addition to the Ramsey family!!! Even though we were trying to get pregnant, it was a suprise because I didn't think I was pregnant this month!

On April 10, 2011, we got our first picture of our new baby!!

March 2012

Random pictures from March of 2012: ...have you ever noticed that Ella is NEVER fully clothed!! This will come back to haunt her at some point in her life!

The artist creating a masterpiece... 

Check out that super cool tatoo!

We can never get our shoes on the right feet... oh well!!

I love this shirt -- it says "New Orleans Swamp Monster". We got it in NOLA when the Razorbacks played in the Sugar Bowl. Ella is standing on the table in this picture so she can be a tall monster!! :-)

Tea Parties and Flying Broomsticks

Still catching up from March 2012...:-)

Abby and Ella had a tea party at Mimi's. I remember thinking this was a bad idea when we started, Mimi reassured me it wasn't. (ha ha!!!) Things started well, but there was a fight over the "tea" (a.k.a. chocolate milk). It ended up spilled, and they cried.

Ella on her flying broomstick!! LOL!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Powing with Popi

Ella loves to "pow" things, so in February of 2012 Popi took her to the land to pow. Check her our covering her ears while he shoots...

 Surveying the damage...

Cotton Bowl 2012

We try to go to the bowl game the Arkansas Razorbacks are in every year -- this year we went to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. It was Ella's first bowl game. She got some new sunglasses, and was ready to travel!! 

We stayed at the Hilton Anatole -- which was where the razorbacks were staying. It was really fun to be in the "official" hotel because there were lots of fun events going on. Here is a picture of the elevators... (they had these emblems on everything, and there were clear/frosted versions on the glass doors. If you have been to our house you know that we are way-super-cool enough to have on one our front door!! LOL!)

The morning before the game Ella and I caught an elevator with Frank Broyles, and they called the hogs together!! Of course, I didn't get a picture. Here is a picture of Ella before we left for the game.

Here is a picture of her at the game -- she was exhausted, and she loves Steve!!

Tusk!!! We got to watch him eat grapes...

And the best part is ... We WON!!!! 

Christmas 2011

We had such a wonderful Christmas last year! It was the first Christmas that Ella really understood what was going on.We went to Silver Dollar City the week before Christmas -- it was the busiest we have ever seen it.  I think it took almost two hours for us to get in the park. On top of that it was SOOOO cold! We went with my parents and my brother's family. Abby and Ella had a good time ...did I mention it was unbelievably cold (and crowded)?!? We made it there just in time to watch the parade, and I decided I need a dress like this. I am not sure where I would wear it, but trust me, I could find somewhere to wear a dress that would light up! 

We also went to my grandmother's house where Abby and Ella made gingerbread houses! 

Isn't it beautiful?!?

Alan and I got his cousins, Brady and Conner, pogo sticks. Ella decided she wanted to try, and her Aunt Sharee helped. 

...and Christmas Morning... 
Santa Clause brought Ella a table and chairs for her to color at, and a Spongebob puzzle mat. 

and he brought her a trampoline!! (I know, don't we look super hot in these pictures?!? lol!)

She had the opening gifts part down this year!! It was so much fun to watch her! 

She got a castle, and she thought she needed to put her chairs in the castle!! 

...Ella and Grandpa! 

We enjoyed Christmas so much last year, and we are looking so forward to it this year!!